Trash Collection


Residential trash collection is an essential service in every community.  How that service is provided can take many forms. In Paradise Valley, the Town has historically issued licenses to trash hauling companies who then offer their services to Paradise Valley residents.  Each resident, or Home Owner’s Association (HOA), enters into an individual contractual arrangement with that hauler for the service that includes the frequency, scope, and price.  

In 2016, responding to resident feedback regarding the number and frequency of trash collection vehicles operating in Town, the Council adopted an ordinance regulating trash collection days, the age of vehicles, and the conditions of the trash bins.   The Council further directed staff to issue a request for proposal for a single trash hauler solution to test the market.   Proposals were submitted, Republic Services was selected as the preferred vendor, and a license agreement was negotiated.  Now the Town Council would like to hear from you.  

Public Meeting

A public meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:30 PM to received public comment on the proposed license agreement. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you can watch live or a recording.  You may also provide your comments any time by sending an email to 

What is in the Agreement?

The license agreement preserves a range of service options from which residents can choose.

  • Basic Service = once per week trash and recycling collection, annual household hazardous waste disposal, semi-annual document shredding, and Christmas tree pick-up (costs per month)
    • Year 1 cost = $17.84, Year 2 = $18.46, Year 3 = $19.11 
  • Standard Service = twice per week trash collection and once per week recycling collection, annual household hazardous waste disposal, semi-annual document shredding, and Christmas tree pick-up (costs per month)
    • Year 1 cost = $27.84, Year 2 - $28.46, Year 3 = $29.11

Additional Services

Whether you subscribe for Basic Service or Standard Service, you may also request "walk-up service" in which the hauler will enter your property to retrieve and empty your bin(s) for an additional fee of $25 (basic) / $50 (standard) per month. Other additional services include:

  • Additional 96 gallon cart = $5 per month
  • Suspension of service for 3 months or longer = $5 per month
  • Additional pick up = $10 (limited to 2 per year)

Republic Services

  • Republic Customer Service is open from 4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Mobile App is available for service notices, payment, and to register a complaint
  • Missed collection reported before 11:00 AM will be collected the same day.  If reported after 11:00 AM, trash will be collected the next day
  • Collection vehicles will be 2017 and run on Compressed Natural Gas
  • Collection vehicles will have video systems and GPS tracking to record pick-ups  

Other Considerations

  • Existing contracts entered into prior to July 2017 will be honored for 7 years.  If pre-existing contracts expire within 7 years, the 3.5% inflation rate will be applied to the last negotiated contract price for each subsequent year.
  • Properties with in-ground cans must convert to standard 96 gallon bins for automated collection
  • All residential properties in Town will only have basic service for the first quarter ( July 2018 - September 2018) as a trial period.  In October 2018 residents may choose Standard Service.
  • Fee increases are limited to 3.5% each year for 6 years


Let us know what you think.  Your comments and questions are welcomed at 

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