Volunteer of the Year - William Harrington

The 2016 Bill Bowen Memorial Award recognizes Bill Harrington for his significant contributions to the citizens and police department of the Town of Paradise Valley.

With only 4 years on the Paradise Police Volunteer squad, Bill Harrington has accomplished a great deal. His enthusiasm for the mission of the volunteer origination and tenacious work ethic has resulted in leading the group for two consecutive terms as the Volunteer Chairman. Not to mention his involvement in implementing new programs such a bike patrol team, a fingerprinting service in town hall, and a Sunday patrol unit that canvases places of worship to avert possible vehicle theft during services.

One of his first assignments was traffic control at Cherokee School during the back-to-school week. Bill recalls, “I learned a lot under fire, but my partner helped me out. I had my picture taken in front of the school sign to share with my 4 kids all of whom attended school there some 40 years earlier! They all enjoyed it.”


Bill contributed over 400 hours last year to the Volunteer program from weekly meetings to patrols and training future Volunteer members. His dedication stems from volunteering for various charitable organizations throughout his career. When asked what he values most about volunteering Bill says, “The most important benefit is being part of a team of associates and bonding with them. In this organization I am always working with other volunteers and police personnel.”

Though he is retired, Bill keeps his schedule full by donating his time and talent to the Paradise Valley Volunteer organization. His service has impacted our Town in a positive way and this award honors his dedication to civic engagement with our citizens. Thank you Bill!