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Traffic Safety Program
Paradise Valley Police Department

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Paradise Valley was the first police department in the nation to institute a traffic safety program using speed measuring devices coupled with still photography and computers to enforce speed laws. The program utilizes a civilian technician in a semi-marked police vehicle which deploys a radar device diagonally across the roadway.

Excess Speed Violators
A vehicle entering the radar beam in excess of a preset speed entered into the computer is photographed from the front and rear. Through reading the license plate numbers on the digital images from each deployment, the registered owner of the vehicle is located through the State's Department of Transportation, and a summons is mailed to the owner. Since the program was instituted in 1987, traffic collisions have been reduced about 45%.

Red Light Violators
The Paradise Valley Police Department also has a photo enforcement system for red light violators. This system has sensors embedded in the roadway that are connected through a computer to the intersection traffic signals. When the red light phase is active, the sensors detect vehicles entering the intersection while the light is red. Photographs are again taken, and the registered owner is cited.

During red, amber, and green cycles, the same sensors measure the speed of vehicles entering the intersection, and citations for excessive speed are also issued. As with the photo radar vehicle, only the actual driver of the vehicle is required to face the charge in court.

Photo Enforcement Program Data
On September 16, 2010, the Police Chief and Municipal Court Director presented information in a public meeting detailing the photo enforcement program.  The presentation included an equipment inventory, usage locations, number of citations issued, and fee distributions.   Click here to view the presentation.  A map showing the location of fixed photo enforcement cameras may be viewed here.
The Town's photo enforcement program was also discussed on KAET's Horizon on September 9, 2010.  (External link to

Citation Options
For more information on paying a photo enforcement citation, attending traffic school, or requesting a hearing please see the municipal court website.